Vivace Music Studio is happy to announce that we are OPEN for music lessons with COVID precautions in place!  Zoom lessons are also still available.  Contact us at to sign up!

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Christy Larm

Delaney has been taking violin lessons from Erin for quite a while now. Erin is incredibly talented at teaching children a new instrument. So patient, kind and encouraging. If you're looking for someone to teach you or your children, Erin Carey is your lady. I highly recommend her! (January 2021)

Shannon and Jason Wallin

Addy has really enjoyed playing the violin.  She is learning more about music than she ever would in school.  (January 2017)

Melanie Simmons

Lillian has learned so much since she began!  She has acquired confidence.  Learning is getting easier and the focus of class is really good for her.  We love violin!  (September 2016)

Dianne Turner

Violin class is enrichment for music appreciation, focus, and coordination to name a few.  It is the only after school lesson Jacqui has - and its a great choice!  (January 2016)

Elaina Jameison

This experience is a confidence builder and provides Makeda with another form of expression.  She is very creative with visual art, and this also helps with the discipline and practice it takes to improve with a musical instrument.  (April 2017)