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André à Toto Savoie is a fiddler from Shippagan who gained fame and notoriety from his appearance in the 1972 film by André Gladu called "Reel du Pendu". He still lives in a small housing unit in Shippagan and still plays for concerts, festivals and dances.  When asked where he got the moniker "Toto" he told the story that his father would help out the grandfather who was a carpenter. When the grandfather asked for a hammer, André's dad as a little kid would run to fetch it and cry out "toto, toto, toto" which was his way of saying the french word for hammer: "marteau". Since there are many families with the same last names in Acadie, the father is often given a nickname and the son is always associated with the father with the word "à" which means "of". It's much like the O'Leary's and MacLeans of Irish and Scottish families.

One of the most popular of André's tune is simply called "Reel à Toto" and has been performed by many great fiddlers, including André Brunet.
Annlaug Børsheim, composer of The Lounge Bar, is a Norwegian folk musician (Hardanger fiddle, guitar, voice).  Da Lounge Bar is named after a pub in Lerwick, the largest port town in Shetland, where all the best sessions happen!