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Homesteading Music Camp is a summer music event for students aged 6-12.  Living history, crafts, baking and music are part of this unique camp!

Learn a new instrument or develop existing skills while making delicious treats and fun projects!

homesteading camp 2018 - Dorris Ranch
homesteading camp 2018 - Dorris Ranch

Sample Camp Schedule


Monday: Flower printing on fabric

Tuesday: Making pillows & tassels

Wednesday:  Beginning spinning and finishing pillows

Thursday:  Fiber works: spinning and knitting

Friday:  Beads and bobbles: jewelry making from unusual used objects


Monday: Beginning sourdough starter and sourdough cookies

Tuesday: TBA

Wednesday: Starting bread and making butter

Thursday: Baking bread and planning ice cream – make mixture and chill

Friday: Making delicious ice cream inventions

* Bring a piece of fabric or old clothing that can be recycled into pillows

Other outside crafts and activities include:

  • Journaling, Storytelling, Creating a homesteading play, etc. Bring your favorite books to share (especially homesteading related)

  • Outside games and running in the sprinklers. Its going to be hot all week!  Bring your bathing suits and a towel and extra water

Snacks will be provided daily, bring your own lunch!!