Policy and Procedure for Lessons

Welcome to Vivace Music Studio; a place for engaging music study, making friends, and enjoying sharing music with others.  Vivace Music Studio trains new musicians and develops existing musical skills in more experienced players.

Benefits from lessons at Vivace Music Studio

  • Each student gets a weekly reserved time slot

  • Individualized lesson plans to meet the learning goals of each student

  • Recordings and online resources located at https://www.vivacemusiclessons.com/recordings

  • Studio lending library (Books, Sheet Music, CD’s)

  • Group events and Studio Recitals

Lesson Logistics

Lessons take place at your home in Salem, Silverton or Portland, ABC Music in Salem, or Vivace Music Studio located 5 miles Northeast of Silverton, Oregon.  


Student should have a bag to carry required music, shoulder rest for violins and violas, and any other supplies provided for lessons.

Each violin, viola and ukulele student will need a music stand for practicing at home.

When practicing at home

  • Situate an area and time that is consistent for practice.

  • Listen to recordings of the music.  Recommended

    listening opportunities include: driving in the car, while making dinner, doing homework, etc.

Billing, Lesson Cancellations and Make-ups

Tuition is due in the beginning of the month for the upcoming month.

To reschedule a lesson, notice should be given 48 hours prior to the original lesson time.

Missed lessons due to vacations, snow days, or emergencies will be rescheduled and made up at the earliest convenience of the teacher and student.

In the case of extenuating illness, up to two (2) lessons will be made-up at the earliest convenience of the teacher and student.

Summer Lessons: Lessons continue throughout the summer, though schedules will be more flexible than during the school year accounting for vacations and camp schedules.

Lessons can be scheduled bi-monthly, 3 times a month, or weekly.  

Limited scholarships are available for recipients of free lunch. 

3 or more students registered together 10% off total

Purchase 10 lessons and receive the 11th free!

Purchase 20 lessons and receive the 21st& 22nd free!

Homesteading Music Camp is a summer music opportunity that students aged 6-12 are encouraged to attend.  Living
history, crafts, baking and music are part of this unique camp!  Visit https://www.vivacemusiclessons.com/summer-camp/
for more information and to register.

To terminate lessons permanently, one month’s notice is greatly appreciated.

Recitals and Performances

Recitals:  Formal recitals will be held two (2) times a year in the Fall and Spring.   Repertoire should be demonstrated at
performance level at least 2 weeks prior to the recital.   Recitals are wonderful ways for students to share music and celebrate their accomplishments. Everyone is encouraged to attend, even if not performing.

Farmers Market Busking: During the
summer and early fall, the students will have their own busking gig at the Saturday Market in Silverton!  Busking is when musicians perform outside in a public place and put a hat (or instrument case) out for spectators to put money in.  All ages and levels are
encouraged – everyone can participate!

Book Graduation Recitals: Celebrate
the accomplishment of completing an entire book!  These recitals are a great opportunity to share your music with family and friends.
Creativity in planning makes these very special events!

Other performances: Other performances during the year may include community concerts, Vivace Music Studio Fundraisers, and student’s individual recitals

Group Classes and Ensembles

Group classes are offered approximately once a month at a rate of $20 for an hour class.  Each class is based on age and ability and are good introductions for ensemble playing.

Chamber Ensemble Class: for intermediate and advanced students.  Chamber Ensemble students will explore music theory, ensemble playing techniques, and rehearsal strategies.  $25 for an hour class.