Check out this video to hear world renowned violist, Lawrence Power play his composition "Brexit Polka".

A collection, far from comprehensive, of musicians sharing their music virtually during this time of seperation #covid-19.

The general assumption was that once you left the vocational arts pathway for a “normal job”, you gave up the arts and moved on. After all, there was no obvious place for people like me and, though I was only in my late teens, I now felt terribly washed-up. It was “all or nothing, now or never”, but this time I assumed it was final.

It wasn’t

What are the parts of an orchestra? Orchestras are similar to living, breathing organisms.  They are composed of individuals that support the whole sound of the orchestra.  Additionally, there are multiply types of orchestras, including Symphony Orchestras, Chamber Orchestras and sinfoniettas.  Maureen Buja gives nice explanation of the different types of orchestras and their uses at her blog, Interlude. […]

Music Degrees – Reviewing the Options Choosing among several possible music degrees, considering a conservatory or music school or music department, as well as whether you’d like to graduate with a BM, BFA, BME, BA or BS in music depends on what you want to study, which school might fit your goals best (and how […]

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” One of the really fun things about playing string quartets is how exactly do we find this balance between the individual space we need, individual ideas, in what essentially is a very intensive group activity”.                          Edward Dusinberre, first violinist Tackás Quartet One […]